Looks Like the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur might Be Unobtainable In 9.0.1

Do you have an actual source from blizzard that you can either quote (with reference) or link?

Because otherwise this is textbook trolling.

I’m leaning toward thinking Kurhtor was being sarcastic because I can’t imagine anyone would be dumb enough to believe this would ever happen.

I just wanted a brutosaur mount, but I’m betting the majority of players who bought this mount already, did it for the AH. As disgusted as I am about the mount being removed from the vendor, I can’t imagine the backlash if they took the AH off it.


Really you just need an engineer bank alt/seller for it. It is ridiculous how much time you have to waste to go to org. Especially with all the flying and space in zuldazar.


Well, ya know. Absolutely Working As Intended™

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Then again, this is blizzard we’re talking about…

Well, I just came across this thread…

Which, again, trying to figure out where these people keep getting this idea that the AH vendor is being removed from the mount because that has been said nowhere and yet people are acting like this is common knowledge.

I am checking every WoW news site thinking there was something I missed and coming up with nothing.


Since it’s the new week, it would be great if we could get some more official feedback. Especially with the rumor that’s cropped up about removing the special NPC.


Activision-Blizzard recently joined the ranks of the top most hated gaming companies next to pillars like EA and Take Two/2K/Rockstar. Hmmm I wonder why.

Something like this probably:

The decision to silently remove it without notice was a tough moment. We moved too quickly in our decision-making, and then, to make matters worse, we were too slow to talk with all of you. We didn’t live up to the high standards we set for ourselves. We are sorry and we accept accountability. We’ll do better going forward.


I rememeber when Blizzard said they were going to stop doing removals for mounts, etc (After the Naxxramas backlash) and yet, here they are. This punishes new arrivals to the game, and people who are just returning … UNLESS THEY BUY TOKENS to sell. No one else at that stage of the game will have the gold in time.

This is just another shifty Blizzard/Activision cash grab.


I’d love to have that mount, but I’m not shelling out $500+ in tokens to get it in time.

What a stupid idea.


or they could keep on selling it and you could stop being poster children for vile avarice.


Oookaaay. Well then. I guess some folks just like to start fires. :roll_eyes:

Maybe Blizz will give them a forum vacation if they keep it up.


The fact that they haven’t responded to any of the backlash proves to us they know that we know exactly what they are doing and it’s extremely scummy and shameless.

If we were wrong about them removing the mount from the vendor just to get some extra token sales they would’ve responded days ago with the real reason as to why they’ve made this decision.


They aren’t removing it from the game.

Yup, the ol’ lawyerly technicality rears its ugly head. The mount is only being removed from the vendors and put on the BMAH. And the rumor that the AH vendor is being taken off the mount is bogus as well.

That still doesn’t make this decision a good one, nor does it set a good precedent. If players feel the time to achieve a goal will suddenly be shortened, they’re more likely to not even try. If they’re told ahead of time exactly how long something will be available, they’ll plan accordingly. Suddenly moving the goal posts mid-game is never a good thing.


Wait! I’ve figured it out! A compromise for all…

Remove the vendor from the mount! Let the old brutosaurs keep them, but new ones have a transmogrifier instead!

Tada! Make it so, Blizz. Stop annoying your customers.


I didn’t bring this up right now. I’m not really sure what this has anything to do with anything.

This wasn’t in my comment either, I was simply stating that they aren’t removing it.

I’m not sure what’s going on here, all I said was that they are not removing the mount from the game because they aren’t.

It’s only having it’s availability being reduced by 99.999%, totally not the same as being removed.


I would be plenty happy with a plain brutosaur model with no vendors. Of course, as you said, the original model can still keep its vendors (and be available on the BMAH). I just want some way to reliably purchase a brutosaur mount for a set amount of gold once I’ve amassed said gold.

I don’t want to be tied to the BMAH, hoping for the mount to appear–and then hoping I can get it for the gold I have and not gold-cap. Or hoping I can get it at all because people keep sniping it.


It doesn’t matter how many more 9’s you add to that the fact still stands that they are not removing the mount from the game. You’ll still be able to obtain it. Start saving gold and buy it before it’s added to the BMAH, if you can’t save it before that they buy it when it’s on the BMAH for probably much less than 5 million gold.