Looks like mass dispel is staying as is in pvp

I was really hoping to see mass dispel brought back for pvp. Or the cooldown reduced or something. 8% across the board is okay, no ones complaining, but shadow without mass dispel in 3s is going to be a huge nerf. It’s not too late to reconsider. Please restore MD in PvP the way it was all expansion long, or at least consider reducing the cd time.

For 11.0, please change our dispel protection. Have vampiric touch’s remaining damage be consumed upon being dispelled please. Anything besides its current state. That’s all. Thanks


Whoever has last say on spriest, doesn’t main a caster dps. They clearly play healer, melee, or tank. No proof but my conspiracy. The design is just poop.

2 failed reworks in the same expansion big red flag