Looking to trade some battle pets

Here is the current list of what I have to trade.

Value around 15-25% below the average value listed on Undermine Journal.

I’m looking to trade for most new BFA battle pets or mounts.

Fell free to message me here or in game. Ryan#19831

I’d prefer to trade on either Mug’thol (Horde), Stormrage (Alliance), or Illidan (Alliance).

Guardian Cub B/B x2
Gregarious Grell S/B x5
Dig Rat B/B, P/P x2
Trigger H/H x5
Son of Sethe P/S x1
Lifelike Toad B/B x9
Felbat Pup S/B x3
Enchanted Lantern B/B x9
Mechanical Axebeak P/B, P/P, S/S, S/B x7
Mechanical Scorpid P/P, S/S x2
Magic Lamp B/B x2
Proto-Drake Whelp H/P x1
Lil’ Smoky H/P x19
Imperial Moth H/H x4
Tickbird Hatchling x8
White Tickbird Hatchling x6
Tranquil Mechanical Yeti B/B x2
Great Horned Owl x2
Cobra Hatchling x10 many breeds