Looking to start raiding again!

Hi everyone!

As the title says, I am looking to start raiding with a team. I’d prefer a team that aims to do at least some mythic every tier.

I currently play unholy DK and holy paladin. I have mythic raiding experience as a tank and as a hunter. I am currently 3/10M this tier on my hunter, had to stop raiding with my team due to a change in work schedule.

I can raid anytime between 7pm-10pm EST on weekdays or almost anytime except overnights on weekends.

I am willing to switch to alliance for the right guild.

If you want to talk, add me on discord Kreg#2602 or on bnet forgotten#1770

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Hey Immure! We could use a DK :slight_smile:

Optimal baddies is a rebuilt guild founded by long time gamers who enjoy playing the game with friends while also pushing content at a reasonable pace. A lot of the members of Optimal Baddies are players who have pushed content to the point of being deemed cutting edge and are now looking for a relaxed environment where we can put our feet up and kill bosses.

Server - Lightbringer
Faction - Alliance

Raid Times/Days: 8:00 - 10:00 PM EST Monday/Tuesday Mythic Prog,
8:00-10:00 Saturday Heroic/Normal clear
Current Progression: 2/10M 10/10H
Recruitment Contacts: Discord - Goldfish#7851, ninjaXpope#0788, megaFly06#6053, Uri#5963
Battle.net - Goldfish#1198, Ninjaspace#1577, Megafly#11904, Uri#11265

What will be required of players looking to progress with Optimal Baddies?

Research on both the fights and your class and keep up with all out of raid stuff to maintain relevancy.
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) or Bigwigs
Exorsus Raid Tools (ERT)
Preferably AOTC Experience but will consider all applicants
A good Attitude
A great Sense of Humor
Constructive Criticism

And of course just like any organized group a solid attendance!

Hi Immure! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hi Immure!

That’s us! Stardust’s goal is to keep chipping away at challenging content on a limited schedule and within a positive environment. Historically, that means clearing current heroic content and then continuing onto mythic content. We tend to push further into mythic content with each progressive tier within an expansion and even earned some CE achievements. We are a friendly, light-hearted bunch that keep cool heads during progression and our GM/Raid Leader has guild-running experience stretching all the way back to Vanilla.

We would absolutely love your DK. There’s a slight chance we could use another healer, but can’t promise that.

We’re also 3/10M, so you’ll be able to step right in.

We raid Wednesdays and Sundays 8:30p-11:00p EST. I know that’s later than your preference, but wanted to see if your schedule had any wiggle room.

Sweet. We’re Alliance side of US-Stormrage. While Horde, you can’t raid with us, but we will be creative in how we open ourselves up to you. You can listen in to raid to see how we run things, you can join our Discord to get to know us better, add a low level alt to see guild chat, etc. We want you to feel comfortable in your decision.

Likewise! If you think that we might be a good fit for you, then please reach out to Shadizar (Battle Tag: Shadizar#1464 ; Discord: Shadizar#4380). Good luck in your guild search and hope to hear from you soon.


Hello Immure!

Pillow Fort is a 10/10 Heroic guild on Mal’Ganis and we are mostly an EST group of individuals that raid Tues/Thurs @8PM EST-11PM EST and do M+ actively as some of our players do have KSM already! We are very active in Discord as well and play other games as a community pretty often. If this is something that intrigues you, please message me in discord @Corey#8854 or on battlnet @Holyhow#1277.