Looking to play (April 2020)

Hello, as the title states I’m looking to get into classic but I don’t really know where to start. There are many servers, not sure which faction on , which ones are alive, etc. Is it too late to start? Will it be impossible to gear without connections? I have so many questions.

Any advice would be appreciated. <3

Roll Alliance on a medium pop PvE (Normal) server. You’re not too far behind. Join a decent guild, people are leveling alts, you’ll be fine.

If you really want to enjoy your experience, stay off the forums, we’re terrible people.


Glinda is right. Nothing like browsing the WoW forums to make you want to cancel your monthly subscription. It gives the impression of almost complete toxicity.

This is very important:

Roll a mage.

RP or RP PvP (depending on whether you want pvp or pve) servers are the best. I wouldn’t play the game any other way. Not everybody on RP servers actually RPs (in fact, many don’t at all) but just having it there enhances the experience so much.

I like RP-PvP personally. Grob is full and easier to find groups for but Deviate Delight has a much better community if you are fine with the lower population (I play on both).

Pve all the way across the sky.


Decide on PvP or PvE server and then pick it based on what you want. I’d stay away from mega servers due to queue time issues in this COVID world.

Biggest issue you may run into (depending on server) is dungeoning/group questing capabilitiy while leveling. Once you’re max level you can usually find groups for dungeons trying to form, albeit tank/healer restrictions also may apply.

It isn’t too late to start. Actually, it’s maybe a good time to start, as a lot of people have gold to purchase lower level items you may want to put up on the AH to help fund your leveling gear, mount fund, etc.

I’d recommend looking for a leveling guild somewhere. Some of the servers have pretty long queue times at the moment, particularly during peak hours, and of those, some currently are restricted for character creation, so obviously those are off the table.

We have some data available for roughly gauging realm populations, and faction balance (if that’s something of concern to you):

https://wowclassicpopulation.com/ and https://ironforge.pro/servers/

Whichever realm you end up choosing, I hope you enjoy your Classic experience. I certainly have, so far! :smiley:

As some others have stated, start on a medium population server. I would also roll Alliance over Horde. Only reason I am Horde is because:

  1. I was horde in Vanilla
  2. I always wanted a Shaman

I love raiding for gear and progressing through content but at the same time, I am a huge pvper and the queue times on horde side are horrendous. Sure, we may win AV, however, the other bg’s still have 20-30 min wait times and the chance of winning is slim due to pre-mades. The only reason for not rolling Alliance is because I love my guild and everyone in it awesome.

Go Alliance for sure. My server we are full but the ratio is 45% A / 55% H. The Alliance are MUCH more aggressive when it comes to world pvp.