Looking to make some friends

My wife and I have been doing old content and achievement hunting. We have tried to make friends along the way. With no luck we either find people that just want power through the game or just don’t care for old content. So if you’re looking for some people to do old or new content whisper me sometime.

We are looking for a guild too.

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Hey ! My brother and I love to run old content for transmogs and mounts! Add me and we can group up sometime. We also have a very small guild that you’re free to join if interested.

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Sorry I haven’t gotten back with you. We would love to group up at some point. I have been busy with work. Finally get this weekend off, so we will be on later today.

Thanks for the reply.


I just came back (Fenris) from a LONG break and man it seems dead. all friends/guild is dead as a door nail. lvling my warrior now (prot) lvl111, so always looking for people to chill with and re learn the game without being rushed as a tank.

Lol, a lot has changed since I posted this. I have my own guild now. We do mythics and level alts. We will be raiding again soon too. Some of the members are taking midterm so we have been doing little stuff till they get back. You are more than welcome to join us. Also, we have tanks and healers we need damage. Gilnean Pact or whisper me around 3pm server time if you want an invite.

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you’re on Fenris?