Looking for weekday guild/ raiding team T/W W/T

Looking for a guild who is active in discord doing stuff.
I’m 7/9 AOTC / 2.2K KSM BM Hunter

i’m mostly online during the day and at nights mondays-thursdays
Work 12 hour days Fridays-Mondays (have every other monday off)

Looking for a guild who does m+, raids either Tues/Wed Wed/Thurs
Not looking for a hardcore mythic raiding team i wanna raid with a group of people who want to have fun but still work together to progress and clear heroic.

Ideally the higher priority is a community that is active in discord and likes to be social doing keys and doing stuff as a group though.

If this sounds like your guild i’m Phealax#1302 on bnet and Sgtfluffybuns on discord.