Looking for Vanilla KT ppl


Trying to find any old KT ppl, to see if anyone is coming back for classic!? Would enjoy trolling with any and all again :slight_smile:

I came back a few months ago, thinking it was already out; and boy was I rickrolled.


Hey mate we got a handful of kael thas people but from alliance from the guild Vendetta. Shoot me your discord name


Don’t know if you remember me and this is a different account but I was a gnome mage named Jesth. Been playing on KT since day 1! I def remember you Cande! I was in SPG if you remember them.


I was in Vendetta during BC. Talked to Peerless the other day! Glad to see people coming back. I came back to wow last year. Used to roll under the toon name Hellbringerz was a RL friend of Excalibur (Hunter)


Oh yes, I remember SPG! And remember most mages, as they caused the most of my raging back then lol. Are you planning on mingling back into Classic?

Hey! Lotsohots (Cande or insert alt)#4078, if that doesn’t work. Can add me on btag, as I still log on from time to time before classic release Cande#1510


Bev coming back too. Undead rogue that did a lot of pvp with Iniquitous, Cande’s Group, and Illusive’s group
I’m stalking Cande’s posts to find out who is coming back.

Inactive#1873 on battlenet


I haven’t played on Kael’thas in a lifetime, but I was in Ad Noctum in classic and early BC. Planning to play a bit on Pagle in Classic.


Hey Bev
Manyforms /Bizarro
Played with you a lot in Iniquitous . Still one of my favorite guilds /memories

Classic needs Mofugra back! And Reason hate threads


Manyforms, come reroll on Arcanite Reaper!