Looking for the RP discord?

Then look no further!

Buccaneers Bay is a discord to find RPers and active RP guilds!

We keep a calendar of weekly events for Horde and Alliance!

Discuss/plan upcoming server events such as the Hallows Eve Festival hosted in Raven Hill and the Noblegarden Gala!

Offer a up to date listing of recruiting RP guilds via their ‘backstory’ listing. Were always looking to add new ones as well so you see all your options!

Have places to chat, post character art, ask for RP partners, or just look for rp in general.

Our lovely server has a amazing community, come and hang with the more dedicated RP side to help you stay up to date and in the know!



Boosting the post to the top so anyone who’s interested in current and upcoming RP events can find the Discord easily.


Much appreciated <3