Looking for someone on Moon Guard

This is a long stretch but I’m just trying to find someone with a character name on Moon Guard that seems to be an Alt(?) I say Alt cause they havn’t been online in over a month and is a still level 50 BoA geared character since the middle of BfA…

Character I’m looking for is currently named Darryl and I just wanna see if the person would be willing to Part with it. If you Have the name feel free to post here or come online and message Surken and we can have a talk :smiley: I hope to hear something back I know this is a stretch and all but it’s worth a shot.

Try here instead:


What about the other brother Darryl???


For a moment. thought that said “Davryl” be like "sorry bud. my lock’s name will remain.
best of luck tho!

Another one who remembers Bob Newhart… :+1: