Looking for some friends

I am an older player whom is looking for some friends in the server cluster of Blade’s Edge and Thunderhorn. I play on the East Coast, USA. Mostly at night. I may occasionally play during the day. I haven’t played much since Cataclysm and I am returning to the game. Rerolled characters. I would prefer an older group of friends or a more mature audience of friends. Over 35, if possible, as I’m over 40. I currently play on the Alliance side of the realms because I prefer Alliance over the Horde side. I made a simple community group for people 35 and older (Community Name: Gold And Oldies) and am thinking of forming a guild with the same name too. Both the community and guild will be for Blade’s Edge and Thunderhorn friends and people only. My battletag is #Nysashu1137. Interested persons may send a friend request thru my battletag or look up my character in Blade’s Edge (aka: Allanore). Thanks.