Looking for social guild

Hey all, I’m a Balance Druid on Aggramar looking for a guild to join. I have just recently returned from quite a long break (Lich King). I’m a family man, almost 40, from Maine and just looking for a mature adult guild to join and have some folk to chat with. I haven’t been back long enough to be heavily geared or anything. Honestly, I haven’t even done a dungeon yet lol!! Just been solo’ing trying to get back into it. I play most nights (depending on family stuff) around 8 or 9pm eastern until midnight the latest. Preferably 11pm. Hopefully I’ll make a good fit for your crew.

Ariyus #1428

Hey Arlyus, our guild Dark New Day just formed and is looking for any and all players that want to join and hangout with us! We have people hanging out in disc to chat most times of the day, and we all enjoy running dungeons and would be willing to help you run them/gear up if thats what you’re interested in. Plenty of us have families and our play time is shaped around that. Let me know if you’re interested!