looking for social Guild

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looking for a guild that's more about hanging out and having fun than anything else!

let's talk about your guild
Discord: Arroyo#7374

by the way don't just post your recruited macro I really do want to talk

(Alizah) #2
Legion of Laughter is a nice social guild. I have some friends in it and an Alt in it (same name as this) Lots of friendly people there.

(Prismatic) #3
Hello :) I don't have a guild to offer. But I am interested in meeting others and even possibly eventually working with someone or a few someones to start one. Really I'm just looking for a few people on Argent Dawn to become good wow buddies with. chat in discord, hang out, Role Play and goof off in game. quest and all that together yes, but also not be to serious and keep the game what it should be first and foremost. A relaxing and fun experience. Hoping to find others searching for the same and who will be accepting and understanding of the small stuff. like being distracted at times, crazy schedules, and not knowing every rule and detail of how to do everything in game. I of course will be just and understanding and excepting in return. In short looking to make a few 'real' online wow friends, not just guild members to hit up for advice and questing. If your looking for the same please feel free to look me up on discord and let me know you saw this.

Discord tag --> Prismatic Fate #6709

I tried adding yours but it says it couldn't find you. Also if anyone else reads this and is looking for friends under this definition please feel free to message me! :)

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@Prismatic I have sent you a friend request on Discord. Chaplain#4442 is my id