Looking for social/dungeoning guild Alliance

Hi, looking for an adult non-political, non-religious guild that is fairly active. I’m in my 40’s, been playing since Vanilla with no breaks. I have toons on both sides, not interested in endless debate on H vs. A.
Just looking for some normal adults who have a sense of humor and can play together without someone telling me I need to watch my language, or find jeebus or some such. Not overly interested in playing with someone’s 9 year old, etc.
Not available for raiding due to work schedule, unless someone raids in the morning/afternoon.
Other than that, I’m a fairly nice guy, know the game/mechanics, and patient with newer players.

Cluckitty 120 Balance Druid on Greymane.

good luck, if you find that group let many more of us know who they are. most out now are elitist, childish, or over all a numbers guild. A good adult aged guild that supports dungeon runs without the drama is rare.

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Hello there mate

Villages Heroes is a small guild with a relax environment. We run actual & old content together, we aren’t raiding, instead focusing on Mythic+ instances. We play mostly weekdays at night.

hesitant to even toss us in the ring, but this will be my last link for a while, as I’m not really intending to recruit… I’m just miffed I couldn’t ginvite someone from a different server, when I actually wanted to invite someone.
slow grow is really the best to vet players with patience.

I’ve also discovered one cannot /ignore a guildy so… begone drama… can’t handle that anymore. M+ [A] Guild on Greymane-Tanaris (LFM humans with a good fit)