Looking for small guilds/loners for raiding (A)

You belong to a small guild and want to raid? Are you a non guilded person, still looking to raid? Prosperitas is a casual raiding guild, but we’ve still managed to get 5/9H in BoD.

We pull in pugs every week to join us, but would obviously love to have some consistent people to join us every Saturday night. We raid 6PM PST and go for 2-3 hours. Our raid leaders are Mythic Horde, so honestly as long as you work on your gear, and you can listen, there’s no reason you can’t join us.

No requirement to join the guild, or merge your guild if you’re small, just join our raiding community channel and we can throw you on the calendar invite. If you’re interested, find anyone from the guild, or btag me (Bloodstryder#1583) and we can get you setup.

how big is the guild? and how far do you go only going 2-3 hours a night? I /who’d your guild in game to chat but no one is online