Looking for RP Oceana Guild

Hey all, looking for an active RP (That is recruiting) around the Oceana timezone (Australia, New Zealand , etc, etc) If anyone knows of any, I’d love to have a chat with them! :slight_smile:

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I’m sure there are other options on Alliance side, but if you’re interested in rolling Horde, Flashbang Exports might be worth checking out. I am an Australian GM, and I would say roughly 30% of the guild is Oceanic. The guild itself is medium RP, medium PvE. In others words, RP isn’t all we do, but we do run two RP events a week that are suited to both US and Oceanic players (generally Fri/Sat server time).

Two of our Supervisors run some guild events (battlegrounds and pet battles) around 5am server time during the week. It’s usually a small turn out, but we could always use more players to liven things up.

It is a goblin-only guild (which suits our relaxed, easy-going playstyle), so that will be something you’ll need to consider as well.

Best of luck in your search!


Sounds awesome! I’ve got a 116 Warrior on horde can re roll as a goblin! Will hit you up once that’s done :smiley:

Fantastic! Look us up on guild finder, or just hop into our discord:

Look forward to meeting your warrior!