Looking for PvP focused Guild

As the topic states I am looking for an active pvp guild. I have multiple level 70s all experience in rbgs and arenas. Not looking for a guild with hundreds of people prefer smaller guilds with a. Core rbg team I can dps or heal.

Hi Absynth

I am from SRC on Tichondrius-US [H]. We are currently recruiting for our S3 PvP team.

We are an 18+ semi-casual / midcore Guild founded in 2009 who achieved Top 100-US 10M (PvE) through LK and into Cata.

After many years of being dormant we are rebuilding with new and improved leadership to do it even better than before!

Our PvP Team, Booty Bay Brawlers has a few more spots open. Friday 6pm & Saturday 5pm Pacific.

If you would like more info stop by our Discord server: discord.gg/da7JrvzYpz

Use the Visitor option to take a look around; a channel will be opened for you if you have any questions etc. before applying!

i lost my pvp guild 10 yrs ago. they all quit, leaving me by myself. would love to join another guild