Looking for old friends

a long-ish shot, but im curious. so here goes, I played on garona forever ago, twinked lvl 49 for a long time then finally leveled to 60, looking for a couple aquaintances i played with if they are still around. Mirriban, puukie, saia, onlyhalfdead, and nalzeraji. Wondering if any of these people still happen to be around and if you are, are you playing classic?

I remember Mirriban. He played a Warrior?

I was the GM of Ascension on vanilla Garona. Name was Tonkatuff. I was a bit of a immature child to put it mildly back in the day.

We have a guild going with some people from back then! Not sure which faction we are leaning towards though.

I think I was in a PvP guild with Mirriban or Saia on Hellscream or Illidan since vanilla… I’lll send Kritikal a link to this since his memory is better than mine.

I fully intend to play classic but go alliance side this time. I was a Hunter in Cry Havoc, and a mage in Shadows and Dust.

Mirriban hasn’t been around in forever, he’d occasionally log on for a few days and then disappear again. I know his brother still plays. Puukie I haven’t seen since vanilla.

Dude, do you remember Violent? I was an orc hunter, got Rhok’delar thanks to you and the guild. I too was quite immature, and we didn’t end on good terms if I recall - but I appreciate the memories! :slight_smile:

If you played Horde on Garona during vanilla, you knew Tonkatuff. Sup bud

I sometimes wonder who from the Vanilla Old Guard of players are still around. I have not seen very many of them.

I know i used to run around and heal Confide. My brother used to be horde with the name Sjet i think he was a shammy though he no longer plays wow.

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Dear god I’m seeing some names on this thread that i havnt seen in a long long time. Mirrban hasn’t logged on in my battle net for over a decade.

I used to main a Paladin in The Empire, Mekio. A lot of Garona moved over to Stormrage though since it’s super dead now.