Looking for old friends of my dad

Hello! I am looking for some old friends of my dad that raided together the guild name was insanity inc, the main people I remember were wintergard - human mage (was the GM of insanity inc at the time I believe )
Ultimus - dwarf warrior
Atoli- night elf rogue ( forgive me if I butchered the spelling of the names )

His wife had a night elf priest named amonera and he played characters
Bunkie - gnome mage
Mathoryn - dwarf hunter
If anyone has any info please contact me, Bunkie passed away June 9th and I wanted to try and reach out to a few of his old friends on here. Figured they should know

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I’m sorry for your loss. I knew your dad and mom fairly well. I remember raiding with them, a particularly ill fated Scholomance run that went until about 3AM, and doing a group quest with your dad, in Searing Gorge, where we met Vhaera and Monukai (and invited them to the guild). Your father was a delight to be around, and often had an “off the wall” comment to make.

I completely lost touch with Ultimus around BC, the last time I spoke with Atoli was in WoD, and I think Windergard was on a different server last I saw. You might try contacting Nobas or Addlem, when I checked in on II last year they were both still there, and they would certainly remember your dad and maybe be able to point you to the people you’re looking for.

Many people will remember your dad fondly, I’m sure, including but not limited to: Darkbloom, Siala, Bodie, Nomean, Vhaera, Monukai, Naldort (Mathran), Addlem, Nobas, Niblet, and I’m sure the people you’re looking for.

Thank you so much. I will definitely be in contact with them

I am so very sorry for your loss.