Looking for old <Drunken Lords> guildies (Daggerspine)

Sup peeps. With classic around the corner, it got me thinking about old times.

How many of you are still around? How many of you will be returning for the game we all used to play together? Our GMs were two brothers, Cenobite (mage) and his brother a warlock (forgot toon name). I also remember names like Fureon, Raenor, Kaiden, and Gunther.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you or seeing you in game this summer. I’ll probably jump on and level Gridlok all over again.


Man, I remember Drunken Lords! I used to run a human warrior named Supersilver back in vanilla. I want to say I was a part of Guildless for a while, then went on to start the guild Genesis with Chris the mage. We started another guild as well, but I don’t recall the name. I faintly remember some names such as Zios, Isiden, Quaur, Ghostnuke, and Whannabe. We were all doing full MC/BWL/AQ20 clears, and I believe we did a bit of AQ40 and Naxx.

I am also excited to see if any old peeps come back once classic is released. They were definitely some good times.

Hey Gridlock,

Gunther here. I will show up on the classic server and check it out. It should be fun to grind through classic again. I will try and bug my brother Kaiden into trying it out too.

Iconic guild! Remember a few of you guys around… particularly Krayvi from Ironforge / BGs.

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yo this is Cravenskillz / Useabandage, Gunther & Kaiden its been a while. Id def be down to play with some old DL guildies when classic comes out.

This is like a high school reunion, 15 years later!

I played Lastias ( priest ) for about 3-4 years, wiping on MC with everyone after Fureon single handedly attuned half the guild for MC. So many runs through BRD, I helped sometimes but he was always there for weeks. Cenobite’s brother was Blackout ( warlock ) then he rolled a teeny dwarf warrior Immortal for BC.

Fun guild, tried hard but for good times. Naked run to undercity, can’t remember the pally that bubbled and hearthed on Magmadar when we wiped, Rasche not being able to use distracting shot ( in BWL! ) because he hadn’t wanted to waste the money buying it, everything Nala said … :slight_smile:

Right now I’m banging around on ESO, not even max level yet but having some fun for the first time since Wrath with an MMO. When vanilla comes out I will play, and will be alliance. If former Drunken Lords are picking a particular realm I’m in. I’ve done horde after my first run at WoW, and I’m ok with being the good guy again :slight_smile:

Lol no joke, I’m glad I searched DL in the search bar. I was a guild Tank Saxon Night Elf Warrior. I joined when MC was already on farm and tanked for progression from BWL-AQ. If you guys are picking a particular server to play on I’d be down to relive the glory days

I was in Drunken Legacy mainly, but would still love to join up with familiar faces for classic. I was Holbeness, one of the leet paladins.

Rasche here. So many good times in DL and DH! I will be playing Classic on the Myzrael server as an Orc Shaman named Kohna if anyone wants to look me up.

Blackout was a paladin. And (one of?) the first people with an epic mount on the server. Iirc he was an officer, but he wasn’t Ceno’s brother. And I believe Cress was Ceno’s wife?
Also, don’t forget, Preia’s legs go aaaaaalll the way up.

OMFG. Lyddia here - human priest.

Sooo I ended up marrying Nieriesta IRL. He’s here too! A lot has happened in 15 years but we’re back to playing WoW Classic on Whitemane under our same names. We would love a reunion!

Krayvi (Nieriesta’s RL cuz) is new to WoW Classic. We’re trying to get the other RL cuz Froggy to join again… but we’ll see.

Hit us up in WoW!!! We would love to chat!

Is fureon still playing anyone know?

Oh, hi.

I think the guild (in name only) has transferred servers multiple times at this point. I’ve lost track of everyone.

A few original players are still around and the Guild is on Dalaran currently.

Danm, wish I’d seen this a year ago. Racshe here

lol, I remember Drunken Lords. Good times vanilla was. Some other guilds of note being: Eternal, Holy War, NWTR etc…I used to be in Nothing Personal and we had a lot of good folks in there, we mostly did pvp once TBC came out. Really miss those days, guilds used to be more communal back then. (reposted on the toon I used during vanilla)

Hi, I’m the founder of the Drunken Lords gank squad (rogue only) in the Hillzerg foothills who went by Sightblinder. Still the most fun I ever had in pvp with WoW, I miss ganking with my boy Lex.

I was also one of the 5 original members of Drunken Lords with my Paladin Smitilicus. I joined Cenobite, Wildchilds, and Blackouts party when trying to find an Undermines group. Ceno had just started a guild and invited me after the run, the rest is history.

There are way too many moments and things to talk about with the history of that guild; including many stories that are impossible to forget.

P.S. I still regret taking that Blackhand Doomsaw in UBRS, even though it was also the catalyst in expanding our guild and starting 100% guild only MC runs.

Hey DLs, this is Saxon the warrior tank. I joined drunken lords right before BWL came out. Anyone know if Raenor, Wildchilds, Aevera, Fangerae are around?
Never forget DL.

Yoooooo everyone, this is Darthius! I was an officer through MC & BWL and those were some great times.

I’m getting some big nostalgia from this thread, even though I’m a little late. I ended up not picking up classic too seriously, but I am playing on Ally Dalaran right now for Shadowlands.

Hope all is well! I remember the good times getting through MC & BWL, and lots of PvP. I think it was maybe 7 years ago when MC was brought back for a brief time for the 10 year anniversary… wow time flies.

I remember getting INCREDIBLY unlucky trying to get Grand Marshall because Kuroma and Sazbot were farming honor even after hitting Grand Marshall and I never got over the hump :frowning: APUG for life!

Lots of familiar names in here! Dang, I remember Lastias was my first encounter in the starting Night Elf area and got the guild invite after. I recognize everyone in here! Crazy to think of how starting in Vanilla WoW in DL really molded our lives. Simply choosing Dagggerspine then joining DL led to some super fun times.

Feel free to PM me in retail any time to catch up! I’ve been on a good bit lately. I’ll have to look for Drunken Lords on Dalaran, crazy that I ended up on the server that seems to have the DL reincarnate on it!.

Sup Darthius? Long Time no See