Looking For M+ / Casual Guild


Hello! Im looking for a guild that likes to do more than just raid. M+ keys, pvp, achievement runs. ETC. I mostly like to play on the weekends but sometimes will pop on for an hour or 2 during the week. I used to raid a lot, but after a fairly long break from the game I came to the conclusion that raiding isn’t something I want to commit to full time anymore.
If your guild likes to have a good time and is looking for someone to run things with please leave me your guild spam/btag. =D I would prefer to stay Horde but am willing to server change.
Thank you very much and have a great weekend!


Hey Jay! We have a very active key community in Hubris, with 30+ players sporting over 1k io! We also have three raid groups, including one heroic only which is a one night raid for more casual folks! Also active discord. Please hit me up if interested in talking more, take care!