Looking for Horde Lowbie-friendly Casual Guild

(Vokkah) #1

Do you know of a casual guild that is inclusive toward low-level characters, and is composed of nice people who can speak English (not swearsalot, childishrant, or various slang shortspeaks)? We’re especially interested in a guild willing to work with veteran MMORPGers who have no real experience in WoW.

If you know of, or have heard of, such a guild, please let me know. Even a pointer to a Wyrmrest Accord guilds listing would be helpful.

We’re a Tauran pair in our upper 30s who are new to WoW, but have 20 years experience playing MMORPGs.

There are some things that aren’t helpful. These things include:

  • Suggestions about how to find a guild, but not giving names of any guilds.
  • Discussions about why guilds don’t exist of the type described above.
  • A recommendation that I sit in Orgrimmar listening to the trade chat until the right guild advertises. I find that is like hoping grass might grow in a weed patch!

My character in-game is Lohham, a Tauran monk. I’d attach that character’s name to this post, but the character-choice options for these Forums are currently broken.

(Eledriss) #2

Hello! Welcome to WoW!

It may help you to check out the Horde Guild Directory thread. The listings don’t answer every factor you’ve mentioned here, but hopefully it’ll give you a starting point from which to contact people and ask for more info.

One caveat: I only see one guild currently listed in the thread that isn’t predominantly an RP guild, and you haven’t mentioned whether you’re planning to engage in RP. If not, this thread might not be as helpful for you, but just in case.

Good luck!

(Darkor) #3

I can’t speak highly enough of Revenants. We’re a pretty diverse group of mostly working adults who still try to keep a civil environment while we shenanigan our way across the Rorshach test that is Blizzard’s writing.

(Vokkah) #4

@Eledriss - Thanks for the link to the Horde Guild Directory. I had missed that post.

@Darkor - I’ll be keeping an eye out for Revenants. Is there a website or discord open to the public? If not, how frequently are recruiters in Orgrimmar, and during what time spans?

(Darkor) #5

I would suggest /whoing the guild when you’re online, and ask to speak to a Warden. I’m just an overly enthusiastic non-officer. :wink: