Looking for heroic/Mythic area 52 guild

Newly created 195 MM hunter and working on gearing still. Looking for a heroic/mythic raiding guild. I do have aotc and know all the fights this tier. I’m currently on alliance but gonna transfer to horde on area 52. Preferably looking for a weekday raiding schedule anytime works for me.

Scapegoats is looking for players that still want to push some mythic plus content as we await 9.1. We put a hold on our mythic prog as many members are taking breaks and just not having that magical 20 ppl for raid. We are still looking to run heroic on our raid nights. In addition to running Heroic on raid nights we are looking to also run rbgs, m+ , transmog runs and even play non wow games (like amoung us/jackbox/tabletop sim) as a group.

We have a laid back mature group looking to still enjoy the game. Upon 9.1 release we are looking to jump into heroic raiding and get AOTC.

If you have any questions or are interested feel free to contact me

Bnet - Counterbob#11400
discord - Counterbob#5716

We are looking to start mythic raids but are in need of a couple more DPS. We would like to start asap and are currently planning on Friday night mythic raids. Feel free to reach us through discord if you’re interested (link in post). Here’s the link to our recruitment post: [H]Area 52 10/10H Recruiting Mythic Raiders

KithandKín https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/guild/us/area-52/kithandkín is on Area 52. A fun, new guild formed by veteran players that is focused on getting to AotC each tier and allowing our members to put life before the game, since we formed a couple months ago our guild progression is 5/10H, all of our leadership is former AotC/CE players that want to help people and have fun doing it, we currently raid Tuesday from 7-9pm cst and Saturday from 6-10pm cst. We run Mythic + dungeons throughout the week, with a few people at, and more pushing towards, KSM. feel free to add my btag; EpicTank#1198 or on discord Drizzt#3014

Hey Rhaeve, if you’re still looking for a guild, we raid Tuesday and Wednesday 9p to midnight EST. We are primarily AOTC, but we are looking to push into mythic until the next raid comes out. We are a pretty large guild with four different raid teams, so there’s always people on running m+ and what not. If you’re interested, hit me up at Pilate#1430 on bnet!