Looking For Help to get to Drustvar, Horde

I’ve just come back from a long hiatus from the game and have been seeing what I can tame as a free-to-play player on my Undead and Gnome Hunters. Unfortunately/Fortunately some of the online guides are a bit outdated so I have been attempting to travel around and tame beasts myself.

One of the last ones I need for my undead hunter is the Soulgorged Gravestalker of Drustvar.

Could anyone help me get there?


First you need to get to Dazaralor in Zandalar. If you’re not currently playing BFA content while you level, go to Chromie in Org (she’s by the Embassy shown on the map) and select “current timeline.” You should get a quest that will send you to Zandalar and the city there, Dazaralor.

Down by the docks there is a ship. There will be a few quests there as part of the main expansion campaign. They’ll have you interact with a mission board and some NPCs and finally the ship’s captain, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes running around the ship itself. At some point, they will ask you where want to set up an outpost. You can select Drustvar then, and ask the captain afterwards to sail you there.

You can get a mage to port you to Dazaralor, but I’m not sure you’ll be able to do the quests on the ship that unlock your ability to sail to Drustvar if you don’t do the required campaign quests first.