Looking for guild/group of people to play with

Hey y’all, I’m a returning player from wotlk and decided to come back. This was the server I was originally on and decided to come back because this is also the server my dad plays on. I’m looking for a guild to join that does multiple types of content. I was an avid pvp player in the past but I also enjoyed over content as well. I also want a laid back experience; I’m probably not considered a casual player but I’ve been in a progression type guild before and didn’t like it. Looking forward to playing again!

I’m also returning to Farstriders after a lengthy break, one thing I can advise is make sure you ask when invited, if the guild is one of those “social” guilds or if they actively participate in content. SO many RP server guilds are those kind that sit in discord, chat about their disability, pain management and seven children they “stay at home mom/dad” between checks. A long time ago Farstriders was a good concept, but has devolved into some strange low income existence without any true content guilds that can teach, gear or help upcoming players learn content without some warped behavior called “carrying” or “boosting”. If you don’t have a metric ton of time invested into characters on the server, you’d be better served on more evolved servers. If you have, like me, invested SO much time into your characters here and hate the thought of starting over, just keep your fingers crossed for a free server transfer some day.