Looking for guild

hey there. just returned to the game after being away for a long time. looking to get started and get on the right track to max level and run dungeons and raids.

Hello there mate

Villages Heroes is a small guild with a relax environment. We run actual & old content together, we aren’t raiding, instead focusing on Mythic+ instances. We play mostly weekdays at night. You’re more than welcome.

I am looking for a guild also where do I sign up :grinning:

Are you guys still looking for a guild?

<Equilibrium> is a casual 6/9H guild with a social scene, Mythic+ runs, PvP, and events. We have a relaxed, fun social environment suitable for new players and veterans alike.

We’ve got plenty of opportunities for those interested in getting involved with Mythic+ and raiding specifically, while still ensuring we have a strong social community.

If this sounds like a good fit, contact me at Emily#13132 and I’ll get back to you with more information.