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Looking for a guild on Thunderlord. I’m a new player, lv 25, still learning the basics of the game. Any takers? I would be a casual player due to obligations to real life and my work schedule lol.


Heyo Ness!

I hope the season has been cheery, I hope you aren’t feeling weary because do I have some information for you today! Currently we are opening our doors to players who are interested in any and all of the following.

PVE: Includes Mythic+, Pushing into Mythic Raiding (2 teams Tue/Wed and Sat/Sun), and Timewalking Events

PVP: WPVP, Raiding Alliance Cities, Monthly Gurubashi Tournaments

RP: New Storylines, Interguild Events, Deep Plots, Hosting Events

Guild Rules:

1. No drama. We do not want or need this in our guild, guild chat, or between individuals. Should a problem arise please contact an officer in the guild and report it so we can calm the situation and assess it.

2. We have channels labeled "Shenanigans" for any dank memes, or dank conversation. We have a text and voice version. Please keep them there as that is their designated location.

3. Work with guildies, and ask for them to join you when you feel up to it. As a guild, we pride ourselves in the amount of successful events, and pickup games we have from just running tmog to sending in 15+ people to attack cities for entertainment.

4. Our last rule is to have fun. The point of our guild is for YOU to be happy and to feel at home, so help us to be the best guild all around! Our ambitions are high so let’s reach for the stars together!

Currently we do have 1-2 Officer positions available for those wishing to apply after joining and becoming an active part of the community for a period of time. If you have further inquiries to our guild please feel free to shoot me a message.

Add me

Bnet: SpareLyric#1417

Discord: Sswatchout#3786


Good evening Nesseda!

<Antagony > a horde side guild on the Dalaran server is now recruiting! We welcome everyone from the newbie needing help to the returning veteran looking for a casual place to enjoy Azeroth. We are above all community of like minded people that understands real life comes first & foremost.

We are a rebuilding guild starting fresh on a new server offering a mature , fun, family style guild where we try to not leave anyone one out .

Monthly Events , PVP, Contests & Casual Raids for achievements, mounts, pets & transmogs are just some of the activities you will be a part of when you join our guild! The guild will NOT have a RAID team. We will raid to see content at a no stress pace to get achieves, pets, mounts, & transmogs for people. We are NOT a raiding guild. We will be doing Mythic dungeons when we get more of a interest and players .

Many of us play both factions and have been playing with the thought of having a alliance guild so we can play together as well.

For our full recruitment post please click below.

(Orcnbeans) #4

Hey there Nesseda. If you don’t mind switching servers or at this point making a new toon, we’re on the Wyrmrest Accord server. We’re a close knit group of friendly players with great camaraderie. A good sense of humor and fun atmosphere that feels like a home. We have a few newer and returning players now who are leveling up. Our core is a heroic raiding guild with a casual to semi-hardcore raid ethic. We clear content in a relaxed and fun environment. If you can make it to the raid, great but if you can’t then no problem…completely up to you. Check out our info and if you’re interested feel free to add or contact any of us bellow.

Crazies Again is a Horde Heroic raiding guild, currently recruiting for our raid team for Uldir and Dazar’alor, on Wyrmrest Accord server. We’re an older group…mid 20’s to late 40’s. We got a late start with Uldir and are currently 7/8H. Our goal is to achieve full clears on the current raids for normal and heroic and get as much into mythic as we can with a short raid schedule. We pride ourselves on clearing content in a relaxed, laid back environment and having a blast doing it. We also run mythic+ and some PvP.

We’re also interested in “good” people no matter what class, spec or level. New to WoW? Returning player? Higher end raider looking to take it easy in a more relaxed atmosphere? If you’re searching for a friendly and fun place to call home, then look no further.

Recruitment (Updated 12/24/18)
The following classes are currently in highest demand but any are welcome:

None (However tanks are welcome to apply-We can always switch things around. Plus tanks are useful for mythic+)


Any Class, Any Spec

Raid Schedule
• Wednesday and Thursday 8:00PM-11:00PM EST (5:00PM-8:00PM Server)
• 2 days (6 hours a week)

• Our atmosphere is laid-back and fun with a lot of laughing, cringe and terrible puns.
• Our core still enjoys the game very much.

We supply all Flasks and Feasts. Also, for all gear obtained in the raid we will provide Enchants and Gems. This means that you no longer have to spend your gold on that 5k enchant, and can instead spend it on the 30 different transmog outfits you have.

Contact Information

Orcnbeans (Guild Leader)
BattleTag: Coldhart#1619
Varthiis (Officer)
BattleTag: JoetheToe#1911
Silexis (Officer)
BattleTag: Soluss#1870
BattleTag: DominusUmbra#11999


Hello Nesseda.

If you consider a transfer (or start a new char) you will be very welcome in our guild :slight_smile:

We are rebuilding our guild after a long hiatus and are recruiting members that want to have some fun and enjoy different aspects of the game (not only end-game raiding). We provide a fun environment and support to our members.

Please take a look at our recruiting post: