Looking for guild

Hi all,

Currently living in WA

Returning player after a 9 year hiatus.

Before that played since launch in 2004 and ran guilds for years.

So much has changed. Ha ha

Looking for an active social guild to play with.

Most of the reason i came back to the game is because i enjoyed the social aspect of the game.

Obviously due to starting again all my toons are now 35 to 40 so raiding isnt on the cards just yet.

If anyone has any spots please let me know Belly250483#1967

Happy to move servers to get an active guild.

hi mate,

We have a few from WA in our guild. Anarchy inc is a social but also AOTC raiding guild on Dath’remar server. We like to hang in disc and chat. Raid times are Thu/Sun 7.45pm. I know raiding isn’t on the cards yet but thought I add as it may be a bit too early for ya in WA. My battle net is Zwirbel#1679. Contact me if you are interested :slight_smile:

Heya we have an influx of old gamers coming back into current content. We are pretty active and have a couple of guys from WA as well. Our recruitment post with all our contact details.

Hey Tickbubble!

I’m apart of a fairly large guild over on Barthilas .
While we do have 2 dedicated raiding teams, we also offer a more fun approach with a bounty raid night for a more fun take on raiding.
We also have multiple members that are over 2k i.o rating to join in with m+ if that’s more your jam.
We also offer m+ key nights and other game nights weekly as well as a host of other social events to get involved in!

If you would like to have a chat, feel free to reach out on discord: cynters