Looking for Guild

Hello everyone!

I’ve been playing WoW since BC, but I have largely been a solo player who now a days comes on to do WQs, check out some LFR content, and collect transmog pieces. I’ve raided casually a few times throughout the years, but I never really found a guild that I could call home. I’m at the point in my WoW career where I’m struggling to enjoy the game because I don’t really have anyone to log on and play with. All of my friends play Overwatch and I have a blast because I get to play with them. I’d like to find a similar sort of community on WoW that I could enjoy.

I also enjoy PvP a ton. A fun project of mine used to be creating level 19 and level 60 twinks prior to when a lot of the changes affecting that happened. I got my “Lady of War” title back when it was still current content (as a shadow priest nonetheless!), and I get a huge kick out of healing random battlegrounds.

I have a level 120 priest, paladin, druid, and shaman (the shaman is horde side but I am willing to faction change her if that’s what the guild is looking for). I have every other class at level 110 and will race one of them to 120 if a guild is looking for another class other than the ones I currently have at 120. I believe that I am a far better healer than I am anything else, so I’m looking for a guild that would let me explore that some more.

At the end of the day, I guess I am looking for a guild that is willing to accept and coach players new to the raiding scene, as well as a guild with a strong sense of community. I’d like to stick around in WoW quite a bit longer, but it’s becoming hard to enjoy the game when it’s mostly just me, myself, and I.

I’d like to say I’m very coachable, I take direction well, and every job review I’ve ever gotten has said I have a “general cheerful disposition” :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading!

Are you still in the market for a guild?

I am indeed still in the market for one!

Are you still looking for a new home? I believe Night Eternal has what you are looking for. You can contact me here or ingame @ Icenea-Khadgar.

Hi there! I just noticed that I had a notification on the forum. I’m actually still looking for a guild. Since writing my original post, I have now added a mistweaver monk to my list of healers. If you are still in need of members, let me know and I’d love to join!

shytpan#1232 or belliun#1499 (STICKERS) (A) We are one of the servers top raiding guilds and the best community of players, PROMISE!