Looking for guild

Looking for a guild for my prot paladin, shaman healer, survival & marksman hunter and my disc priest.

All characters level 70
3 have 5+ conquest peices
1 has full honor gear (prot pally)

on altar looking for mates around stormwind maybe hang around talk a bit

Different faction. Sorry

did you find anyone around the towns and people lookin frontfal or reveibious

wanna be my friend in my log i might talk to everyonce in while that life is going better with money so you can get more freinds for talking with me or can i drag you through half the quests i haven’t done in 5 years since one of them there expansion came out and i don’t wanna be alone in shadowlands leveling it feels kinda down right. the most annoying part of making freinds is telling that life is going to be better by leveling and going to sleep like a natural human being but due to the duetormnity that that game instills’ on the trust of others you can still find people who look for freinds to tell them not to pay for the game then the next day buy 3 months to play the notority is that’’’’’’’ there is some_thing to do in the game