Looking for guild PvE focused for 9.1

I don’t have preference for realm [just a little bit for horde] and I don’t mind leveling a new character, especially if the guild helps me with bags and torghast/ilvl grinds.
I feel confortable playing Shaman, Monk Tank and Hunter Ranged. But I really don’t mind changing specs for the guild.

My only requirement is that I need a guild who gather between 2/4/5pm [PST/CST/EST] and 7/9/10pm [PST/CST/EST], and that do not require presence on the weekend.

Heya Wisent!

We are always looking for good folks. We are an Alliance guild and we typically start trying to do …“something!” around 630EST. Typically start calling it around 930.
Here’s the guild post - We are pretty darn full on healers and tanks, but…
We do prefer to chat with folks before hand, obviously. :slight_smile:

You can always hit me up on Discord or B…net: Danuin#1350

Hi Wisent! I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

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We could work out I believe? Feel free to look it over! Take not we’re smaller but good members already

Tylown#1117 if you’d like to chat more

Guild - Stormrage

Sick of logging in and waiting 2-3 hours in group finder to do something relevant? Well I am!
I personally like logging into WoW with the goal of doing certain content and doing it. That’s why I’ve made this community.

Looking for chill players of any content to come together and do that content. An enjoyable place to play your class(&spec)
(Current active hours 5-9 CST M-F | Daily Weekends)

Mythic Plus

  • Preferably if your goal is to do 15+ spam!
  • Will always be willing to help others in down time and looking for the same

Heroic Raiding (9.1) Tues > Wed: 7 - 10 CST
Lives are a thing and raids are a large time commitment, as a Mythic raider in Legion I understand.

  • Looking to create a fun environment to push ourselves (FOR THE PARSE!) and achieve AOTC.
  • Once progression is done we can farm just Tues OR/AND attempt Mythic when it’s cross server Wed
  • Will be looking for a raid lead!


  • RBG would be great as it’s smaller casual content that is competitive
  • Arena pushing individuals who hate sitting in a LFG for 1 game just to quit. Form a bond and push!
  • Never hurts to help others learn in and outs! Some people are 1 tip away from that next rank!

Other cause who knows! Some weird and world event type stuff happens when a bunch of people get together to have fun.

Log on, play, progress, no wait. All are welcome. Willing to guide and gear when free.

Take note this is new so growth over time!

Thank you for all who is responding to this. I really appreciate the effort <3

But seeing the answers until now I want to be clear that my limitation is time-frame. I can’t commit to do a content that exceeds my time. Eventually I can stay until the end, sure. But that is not the rule.

If I want to try to commit to any group I believe that the most important thing is to be there. [And I am sure that all of you who put the effort to call me to your guild would like me to not “go home early” everyday]

To give context, my frame-time is 2-7pm PST / 4-9pm CST and 5-10pm EST. Early than that I’m working. Later than that I’m in Narnia.

Thanks for the amazing response <3

Ahh just short!
I wish you luck on finding the perfect place!
I know it can be a task but worth it in the end to find what hits all the marks.

Dude, real life first. We don’t really put any real scheduling restrictions on our players.

If y ok I wanna check is out, hit me up and we can get an alt in the guild.