Looking for guild on tich

Hello, I am a 4/10 mythic windwalker monk looking for a guild on tichondrius horde that will be a home for me to chill and be social. I have intrest in key pushing pvp and later on down the line raiding most likely in the next tier. Although if times worked i could possibly continue this tier
Links are unavailable to be included in the post, but you can easily see my parses on warcraft logs.
Looking to find a group of friends that are chill and want to eventually push more hardcore content. Whisper me in game or contact me through this forum post.


I’m Matt, go by Kawzee in game. I’m an officer in (H) Septhis - Tichondrius. We were CE in Nylotha but had to reload a bit in SL. We’re also 4/10 M and raid Tu/Th 8-11 CST.

We’re a pretty laid back group but know how to focus around raid time.

We are in need of solid dps in general and a monk specifically. If you’re interested in chatting a little add me on discord (Kawzee#0029). Could probably squeeze you in on a trial tonight.

Hi Mcbiscuit! If open to Thrall, then I think we’d be a great fit. Take a look and let us know. Happy to chat more!

Hey, I think my guild could be a good fit. We’re looking to add a WW monk. Here is the link to our post. Not sure what times you are looking for, but we are looking for someone to continue raiding this tier. Hit me up on discord Igy#6557 or bnet Igy#1769.