Looking for friends

Hi, mostly play horde. Looking for some pals to play together. Haven’t played in a few months and all my wow friends have stopped playing, but I’m ready to step back in. I do raids and mythics on a druid.

Man. This forum is dead AF.

I remember when the Cho’Gall forums were active, with guilds talking trash and people setting up events. Now the most recent post is over a week old.

Well, if you’re still looking for a chill group to hang out with, check out . I joined this guild when I came back a couple weeks ago because I recognized the name from way back in Burning Crusade. They seem nice (especially the GM). They’re not competitive, but that doesn’t sound like what you’re looking for anyway.

Seems to me the server is just dead in general. Even if you combine the population of players from Cho, Laughingskull and Auchindoun that is only around 1000 or so.

Well that’s just not true. If you go to Org, you’ll still see that most of the people there are from our server group.

Cho’Gall itself, however, seems to be mostly dead. I rarely spot people from this server. It must have died some time between cata and whenever the merge happened. Next time I get on, I’ll try to use /who to get an idea of how many people are playing.

Warcraft Realms only has listed around 1000 characters; that is with all servers added up and including the last 30 days. I’m talking to my friends on other servers and comparing AH prices of specific items and seeing that it is skewed. They seemed to be over priced on Cho’gall.

Warcraft Realms lists like 140 characters on all of Cho’Gall (similar for Laughingskull (142) and even less for Auchindoun (58). That’s supposedly every main and alt who has been active at every level for the past 30 days. This hardly even accounts for the guilds my characters are in right now. Hell, 4 of my characters have been active in the last week.

Warcraft Realms is incorrect.

Agreed. That website still lists servers as being PvE/PvP. Weird and broken. That being said, it seems, to me, like a quiet server compared to when I play on Tichondrius (the pvp action is brutal and constant).

In response to the OP, I’d suggest finding a more full and active server. Make an alt and go at it. I’ve done that until/if/when my guild comes back for 9.0.