Looking for friends and players to join War Face

Hey everyone, I’d like to introduce myself! I’m an old gamer that’s looking for community. What’s missing here are active friends, would any of you like to add me?

I’m not really sure of a better way to reach out and be social than this. Add me and i’m always down to help out.

my battletag is:


I’m always up to raid and I will likely be tanking and healing on the classes that can. I have a shaman resto main. I had quit playing post 2017 and was pretty active since release of the game. I played shadowlands but didn’t stick around and I feel like dragonflight has got everything I’m gonna enjoy for endless hours leveling alts, raiding and pvping. I have an old guild I created back in like lich king and we used to be quite active. Now its mostly my bags for my alts but its still got all the perks and other goodies of an established guild. Anyone is welcome. Its on Kilrogg.

What i loved most about wow was community! its good to see solid gameplay that feels balanced too. I wasn’t sure how I felt about the talents at first but they are a great change really all of it it.

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