Looking for friendly social guild

Hi all, I’m looking for a friendly social guild to join. Looking into playing world of Warcraft. I’m 40 so I am looking for an older group of people to play with and hopefully developing a long term gaming group. I am playing and learning a human mage, alliance on Garona.

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Good morning!!. We are on the server Illidan horde side. We would love to have you join our guild. We do raid and do alot of m+. Would love to hear from you Bigkef#8664 on discord

Hey Warrion,

If you’re willing to give Horde a try (We’re still working on getting our Alliance side going) we’d love to have you check us out. We might be a good fit :slight_smile:

I know it can be overwhelming as far as ads on discord and btags when you post here, so if you’re interested feel free to add us. All contact information is in the above post!

Have a good one!

We are a guild of adults, with jobs and kids and lives, so we get it. We are on Proudmoore and our busiest time of the day is west coast evenings. 7-midnight PST. We have social players and key runners, as well as a raid team. I will leave our info blurb at the bottom and if your interested, we hope to hear from you.

Are you tired of running up the halls at 3am alone?

Do you need a new box to sit in?

Feral Tendencies could be purrfect for you

We are a late night AoTC raiding guild on Proudmoore. We also have people who are just social and run keys.

We storm the castles 9-11pm PST on Wed /Thur. We also have a lot of interest in keys, with some social people who just like to hang out.

What we do

Sshhh, it’s a secret.

  • Raid with our friends.
  • Keys - lots of keys, these guys might be obsessed.
  • Shenanigans! Sarcasm and jokes are our love language.
  • Help with logs, builds, gearing, learning raids and dungeons.
  • Share pics of our furry overlords.
  • Lots of cat videos.

What we want

We are welcoming to all.

  • New players wanting to learn.
  • Returning players wanting to catch up for Dragons
  • Tag along family members who just want to hang and be social.
  • Like minded people who enjoy the game and want to have fun doing it.

We are adults with lives, and jobs and kids so we respect your time as well and that things may come up.

What we need

Catnip, lots of catnip.

The guilds highest priority currently is Mage, DK, Lock and Warrior, but we are always looking for anyone who fits into the team.

How to reach us

Get a laser pointer and shoot.

You can find me on Discord: Vellsong#2067 or Battlenet: Prettykitty#1597 (yes that is what I get for letting the husband set up my account:)

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I’m Okwhoforted from US Zul’jin Hordeside. We are a small guild that’s growing fast. We would like you to grow along with us!

We are forming a raid team for Dragonflight and would like you to be part of it. We also have nights for running Mythics. As we grow we plan to expand our group content to include transmog runs, mount runs, and achievement runs. Sometimes all three at once!

Our guild is small and you won’t slip through the cracks with us. If we seem like a good fit for you, please message me. I’d love to talk with you further about anything regarding the guild.
Discord Lilb#7423
Battletag Lilb#11809

Hey Warrion,

Hi! My name is Jem & I am the GM of the guild, The Legal Bananas on alliance Stormrage. We’re primarily a social guild with a bit of casual raiding thrown in there! We’d love to have you, no matter what toon you decide to play! We’re currently in need of some more flex healers as well as a feral druid, ww monk, warlock, ret pally, etc. If you don’t want to raid you could do any or none of our other activities! We are super social & spend time with each other in discord when nothing is going on BC WE LIKE EACH OTHER! Stormrage is an eastern server. And we are currently raiding Sat/Sun 8-11pm est! The guild is most poppin on the weekends & weeknights. Most of our members are 31-40 years old but we do have others who are older & a few others who are younger than that as well, its a good mixture :slight_smile:

Here is our recruitment spam if you’d like to read further:

If you have ANY questions, please don’t hesitate to DM me via discord: Jem#6738

I cannot wait to hear from you! I hope you have an amazing rest of your day!

:heart: / Jem

Hello there! I just wanted to drop our guild families recruitment spam. If your interested in joining us we have a close group of people who hang out and welcome new members into our family with open arms! Anything we can do to help we will! You can reach me at Byndi#5161 on discord. We are on stormrage alliance :slight_smile: Hope to hear back from you soon!

Hey Warrion,

Reformation is an active guild in the Shadow Council server node. Many of us have played since launch so are a bit older. We run M+, normal raids, old content and have fun as a close knit group of friends. Always looking to add more people to the group that have similar interests. We provide opportunities for people to play and are happy to work with folks that want to learn new aspects of the game. My BNet tag is in our general interest post below that will tell you a bit more about us. Happy to chat if you’d like to know more.


Reformation is recruiting!

Faction: Alliance

Server: Shadow Council node (SC, BWR, SoE, CC)

Activities: Social, Collectors, Normal Raiding, M+

Are you looking to add a social aspect to your gaming time?

Want to run dungeons or raid?

Do you collect transmogs, mounts, pets or run content for the achievements?

Reformation is a family friendly guild that enjoys the social side of the game. We work with players to help them build their skills so that they can enjoy their WoW. We are building a community that wants to progress “Glory of” achievements and support each other as we all work towards our in-game goals. Regular calendar events are posted, or guild chat and discord support for those that can’t make scheduled event times but still want to be part of a larger community.

Our goal is to have fun in a friendly environment.

We are adding people to the guild who bring a positive vibe and want to enjoy all aspects of the game.

We have 1 Raid Team (Cleared season 1, 2 & 3 normal raids, running every second Sunday and Thursday from 6-8 server time (8-10 eastern). Off Sundays and Thursdays are reserved for low keys for those that want to have vault options, but aren’t interested in pushing keys.

Reformation has active collection and M+ players, with some of the top collectors on the server node and a number of KSM people that are all willing to help out other players that have similar interests.

Check us out on Raider io or GuildsofWoW.

Reform the social side of the game with Reformation.

Contact me through BNet at Samvimes #11432 or ask anybody in the guild to speak with Sam in game.

Hey Warrion,
Corrupted Intent is a newly formed 18+ horde guild on the server Area 52 looking for like minded players to come join us.

What you should know

  • Current GM has 14 years of experience as a GM, Officers and RL has years of experience as well
  • We enjoy running keys, any level from 2’s all the way to 15+'s.
  • We want to raid, we are looking for people who want to raid and progress. Raid days and times will be Friday & Sat from 7:00pm-10pm EST
  • We accept all players from returning veterans to new players with little to no experience

What you can expect from us as a guild:

  • Open and honest constructive criticism and feedback
  • We joke around a lot but know when to be serious
  • Communication
  • A sense of community and direction

What we need:
Looking for like minded people who want to progress & run keys, looking for Dps & healers.

What we expect from our guildies:

  • Respectful of one another & a team player
  • Ability to take constructive criticism
  • A sense of humor
  • Discord for raiding, events and socially chatting with each other.
  • Ability & wanting to help each other out

**Contact information: ** Any questions/inquires please reach out via discord, btag or comment
Btag: Aria#13773
Discord: xstarlite#2756

Hi Warrion!

I think you would be a great fit for our guild and community, Found a Green Quest! If someone is looking for friendly social community, the beating heart of a MMO, Found a Green Quest is the place. While we have Keystone masters and amazing players, we have many more in the community either returning to WoW, in classic or just finding their way through the World of Warcraft in a casual friendly environment. We have mythic Mondays for a respectful and fun environment. We raid weekly in Wednesdays and Thursdays and are interested in buildng up people not tearing them down. We have plans for guild sponsored PVP, regular t-mog runs to old content, Guild trivia and game nights, Pet battle tournaments, almost any activity you can think of in the game. If you’re a high key pushers but are getting turned off by negativity, or are a casual looking for a fun and friendly community or are a new or returning player intimidated by everything you see ingame and in Wowhead, we have Plenty of people ready to help you out. Give Found a Green Quest shot and you wont regret it.

Let Kiuayoukai, Vathorean, Voldai or Wrekkful know if you’re interested!

Discord Kiuayoukai#2395
Battle.net Kiua#1912
Discord Nightraven2015#7854
Battle.net DrDruid#1321
Discord Voldai#4831
Battle.net Voldai#1283
Discord Dat#2310

[H] [Icecrown] < Trinity > - Recruiting for DragonFlight - Recruitment / Guild Recruitment - World of Warcraft Forums (blizzard.com)

Hey Warrion!
We’d like you to consider our guild. Most of us are older working adults. We are very helpful to people new to WOW. Here is a little info about out guild:

Optics is a newly formed guild that aims to have an inclusive and non-toxic, family atmosphere. We are extremely LGBTQI+ friendly and our founding members are Season 1,2 & 3 KSM and AOTC 11/11.
If you’re a new or returning player getting ready to head into Season 4 and beyond, we want to help you to grow, as we too grow as a guild. Casual as well as experienced players are more than welcome to join the family and we’re accepting all roles and skill levels. We’re looking to create an AOTC progression raid team with plenty of M+ and special events along the way. Raid times will most likely be 2 days a week on Tuesday and Thursday between 7 and 10 EST.
If this sounds like a place you could call home, drop me a note via Battlenet: Darkdream#11723

Hello Warrion!

The Assassins are looking for more people to help us in growing our community! We’re a group of friends who have raided together for several years and looking to continue to achieve AOTC each tier. Most of us have accomplished this goal each tier starting with Legion under our former guild and we achieved SoD and SFO AOTC under the new guild flag.
We all work together as a team to have fun and do the work so we can keep playing together. We range in age from college students to parents with kids of our own. We are social outside of raid, like to run Mythic+ keys weekly (most of us reach KSM each tier), and the occasional mega-dungeon or world content together.

*We’ve been on break for S4, so there isn’t anything “currently” happening outside of the odd M+, but with DF pre-patch hitting beta, it’s time to start those conversations again!

Also with the introduction of Cross Faction raiding, we are not limited to Ally only, and are accepting Horde friends. We have a Horde Guild set up, and we will also be looking forward to the combined Horde/Ally guilds eventually coming.

If any of this feels like it fits your mold, please feel free to reach out to me: Discord TSchulz#2419 or bnet at: TSchulz#1546