Looking for Casual/Friendly Guild, Frostmane

Hi. Everyone!

I have not played WoW for 7 years. I decided to come back because I want to do old and new dungeons and see how the game has changed. I am looking for a casual dungeon / raiding guild. I am a father and have a career so I don't have much time to play other than a couple of hours a night (2 times a week) and maybe a little bit more time on the weekends. I used to hardcore raid, but those days are long gone.

Would love a guild with a laid back atmosphere where people like each other's company and enjoy doing dungeons / story content. My guild tab says "Shar Hellven" but I don't remember anyone from the guild and I am no longer a member.
Guild name: Protocol

Guild home server - Ner'zhul

Faction - Horde

Schedule - TBA

We will be a laidback semi-hardcore Progression guild.
But we will not be limited to just progression.

Guild Philosophy - Everything is more fun together.

We will be PvPing, Progressing, And getting into everything the game has to offer.

We will host guild events, And many things alike.

I want this guild to feel like a online family with the importance of us doing it together, and no one being left out, or feeling like their just a name holding a guild roster spot.

Dont ever feel like a pug in a guild group again!


IGN - Delirium
Bnet - Matt#19690
Discord - AwesomeIsMatt#1304
Dont know if you are interested in horde, or starting on a new server but we are the ancients misbehaving on dalaran.

Dalaran server
The ancients misbehaving guild

If anyone is looking for a new home or server, maybe just a fresh start, we are always looking for more to join us.

The ancients misbehaving is a guild of folks who want to be a part of a social and casual guild.

Our goal is to have fun in the game so we are looking for others who want to make friends in game.

We have folks who like to pvp, do mythic and mythic+ and old content for achievements.

We raid Wed and Mon from 8:30 to 11:00pm est. We are not a hardcore progression raid group so if that is what you are looking for we are not that. We are looking for folks just want to have fun getting bosses down. We are not always first of fast and we don't want drama.

We are also a lgbt friendly guild!

If you are interested contact Jenkayah Battlemom#1568 and we can chat