Looking for any members from <Perpetuity> (Medivh 2006)

Hey all, I played a mage named Manusak from back in vanilla on the Medivh realm. Unfortunately I took a long long break from WoW and no longer have access to my original account.

I was in a guild named Perpetuity, and with classic coming out the nostalgia has started to hit hard, especially after finding the old website on the wayback machine.

I was a young annoying 14 year old kid at the time but some of my best early teenage memories were had in that guild and I was so fortunate to raid with them. I even got to go to their guild party in real life and watch them get drunk with my mom.

Anyway, just wondering if any of you folks are still hanging about

Thomerson still plays, he’s in my guild

Hey dude, this is Deramas! Used to be one of the officers with Doug and Jay. I remember that guild party well. I got so messed up! Lots of things have changed since then. I’m married with a 3y old daughter now. Can you believe it?

I’m still playing WoW on and off. In fact, I just came back again to play Classic. I rolled on Pagle as Deramas. Add me. I think most of the old Medivh people are supposed to be there.

Hello Deramas. There is a subforum under WOW Classic called Classic Connections 2004-2006-Find people here. When you click that, hit Get Started Finding People HERE. Scroll up and click I’m looking for people who used to play ALLIANCE with me. After which, go to Click here for Normal Realms ( 2004-2006). Then look for Medivh. I believe in that thread there was someone looking for you.

Hope you can reconnect with your old friends !

Also, the Medivh Vanilla community is split in Pagle and Westfall. I’m in Westfall with Krazykarl and other players.

Thank you Elilane. I made a post in that thread.

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Dude’s, it’s Six. I’m on Mankrik playing horde under the name Ummagumma. My ID is Infect#1797, add me!