Looking for an Active Guild

Greetings fellow members of Wyrmrest Accord,

I have just returned to the game after a 6 month hiatus, and I would like to find an active guild.

The thing that usually turns me away from the game is a lack of social interaction with players who like to do thing such as dungeon runs, raids, pvp, world quests, etc.

If you have a guild that might be a good fit, please let me know. I main a warrior, which I have been playing since Vanilla, currently have an item level of 406 (I just came back), and like to pvp, raid, do mythics and run with guildies.




I, Chesterson Noisewater Kensington III, King of the Land Pirates, hereby invite you to visit the Firebrand Enterprises’ thread. (If read shortly after this post, it was recently bumped)

Very active, very friendly, and very helpful.

LandpiratesarenotaffiliatedwithFirebrandEnterprisesandnoopinionstatedbyTheKingoftheLandPiratesoranyofHisMinionsreflecttheopinionsofFirebrandEnterprises. LLC.

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We are indeed active and very social. However, I think OP is looking for a guild that focuses less on role playing and more on PvP, Raids, Mythic dungeons, and the like.

We do a little bit of latter, but it’s very far from our focus.

You’ll definitely want to check out the Horde Guild Directory though!