Looking for all classes

looking for fun drama free players that want to build up a team for shadowlands. We currently farm 12/12 normal for drunkin raids on Fridays at 5pm eastern. We are in progression for heroic 12/5 on Saturdays starting at 6pm eastern.

Hey im looking to get back into the game for shadowlands and was planning on makeing a druid once the Pre patch comes along. I’ve always quit after a month of playing cause this game is pretty easy and I get bored without a group to push the interesting content. Cheers

Sounds good if you want to try out and raid with us. I am not sure if this will get back to you in time but we do raid today at 5PM. If you want to reach out to me my tag is #Dotch11944.

Sent u a friend invite maybe we can get in contacnt lul

sorry for the late reply. That would be great ill look for that invite rn and hope to talk soon.

You have anyone that does pvp?
Never really been I to raiding but I’m open to trying.
My battletag is Varagul#1637