Looking for a Social & Active guild thats going to raid!


almost level 60 should be in a day or 2, plenty of experience as iv been playing vanilla for quite a few years privately, know all boss fights from ONY/MC to the last boss in BWL, very social player on discord. :slight_smile: hit me up 2


Hello Twirls!

Found a Green Quest on US Zulโ€™jin is a casual/social horde guild. We are filled with mature, fun people that act as one big family. We are currently looking to expand our family to people who like:

~raiding, bad jokes, dungeon runs, mount/transmog/achievement runs, leveling parties and more!~

We are accepting new, returning, and experienced players who are looking for a fun and relaxing home! If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to message me! Kiua#1912 is my battletag or kiuayoukai#2395 is my discord.