Looking for a Shaman-themed pet that floats

This is more of a Pet question than it is a Pet Battle question, but I figured this would be the best forum to ask.

I like to RP with my companions. For each class I like to give them a floaty little pet to converse with on their journeys. But I hate the pets on the ground, bring trampled underfoot, disappearing when I fly.

For the most part I’m in good shape on most of my toons, but I’m struggling for Shaman. The Geodes used to fly but now they don’t. I was using [Nether Faerie Dragon] but it’s not exactly on-brand.

Any help for a Shaman-themed floating pet?

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This is tricky because hovering pets don’t always fly, and flying doesn’t always mean the companion hovers when on the ground.

If you’re ok with a battle pet that flies alongside you but walks on the ground, what about the new baby phoenix pets - one for each shaman element? Ashenwing for fire, Phoenix Wishwing for earth, Gerald for air, and Wakyn for water

WarcraftPets has a filter for battle pets that fly alongside you:

And one for battle pets that hover:

But no filter for both, unfortunately :frowning:


Enchanted Tiki Mask flies with you and feels pretty shamanistic.


I have it, but it feels very troll. Still, solid suggestion, I forgot about that one.

Gust of Cyclarus? Flies with you and would go well with the class mount. Sadly, Tiny Twister, which was my first thought, doesn’t fly.

Edit: Primal Stormling is in the same vein, but bigger and whiter.

If you’re just looking for companion pets that can fly, WarcraftPets has a filter for them. Some I could recommend for a (non-troll) shaman include:
Blazing Firehawk, Enchanted Torch, Firewing, Magic Lamp/Lunar Lantern, Phoenix Hatchling, Purple Puffer, Reese, Spirit of Summer, and Sunfire Kaliri

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Oooo this is great. Really appreciate this. I now have a to-do list for when plunderstorm is over.

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Be careful with some of those floating/flying pets. I’ve found that I can’t use some of the lamps/lanterns because they center themselves smack dab in the middle of my screen.

Yeah that annoys me but i only use them when questing so im usually not too bothered.

Do i need to have enchanting to get this? Or canni buy it on the AH?

You can buy Enchanted Torch at the AH. Just be sure to check the usual range of prices before you buy



Next youre going to tell me i should be investing in a 401k.

I dont think so. Thats how they get you. Im buying the first, and probably wrong, item i see.

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