Looking for a RP Social Casual Guild

I’m posting this on all RP Servers because I was lead to believe a Good, Casual, Social Guild can be found on an RP Server. I’m going to leave this thread open so it can help out other players like myself who are looking for a Good, Casual, Social Guild on an RP Server. I don’t really care about raiding anymore. I will however do Timewalking Dungeons and other dungeons if anyone is up for it. I’m mainly focusing on getting my 10 toons up to Level 120. And I want to move every one of those toons to an RP Server that does Socializing. I want to make friends again. So If you know of a Good, Social, Casual Guild then please let me know at your convenience. Whether Horde or Alliance it doesn’t matter to me. But that Guild must have Discord. I can’t stand Ventrilo. Any takers?