Looking for a RP/ leveling guild

Another parchment is crumpled and thrown at the corner upon a pile of others like it. Each one a brief advertisement for this group or that guild, none seem to indicate having something akin to a soul.

The search continues.

((Retail RPer since WotLK, but now spending all my time in classic. I’ve hit the mid level and find it harder to get things done on my own, as well as a yearning for old school RP while leveling.

I’m looking for a guild of equal measure. Doesn’t have to be very active, just dedicated. ))

Is it this troll you’re looking for a home for ? Sorry, I’m not familiar with current doings on Horde side. If it’s Alliance side I’ve found that Triumph offers a lot of help with leveling groups. Lots of alts people like to play!

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Thanks, but yes it’s for this character, which is my main. Once I get maxed I might level Alliance alts.

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Still looking for the Rogue, and this one too.

Im sure you’ve found one by now, but Dawnfury might be worth looking into, their very active in rp on horde side!


I’d like to roll a Shaman on this server. How’s the leveling population? I’m EST zone but am often on early 5, 6 AM.