Looking for a RP guild

I am just wondering if there are any RP groups out there looking for a player. I am new to RPing in WOW but not TTRPG. I have played WoW since TBC and have always been curious about RP. I have tried for several years but alas I have yet to find anyone. So I shall give it one more shot. Are there any RP guilds that are recruiting? I have 14 pending requests and no response for the last two weeks. I see lots of people on, but am I mistaken on if this is truly an RP server?

RP on Scryers pretty much died (Alliance side, anyways; never attempted Horde RP there) when the Park area was destroyed in Stormwind at the beginning of Cataclysm. If you’re looking for RP, right now, it’s pretty much Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord (though I’ve heard Wyrmrest is also no longer as active as it used to be…)

(That said, there are folks who are saying they want to try to rebuild the RP community on Scryers. I…wish them the best of luck, and if they succeed, I’d be tempted to make a character or three there. I just don’t have the mental energy to deal with rebuilding what we used to have from scratch.)

I recently rolled a character here as well hoping against hope to find a new RP guild to call home. Alliance or Horde, doesn’t matter to me! I just miss being involved in any type of RP.

If there is an RP guild out there with events active between 4-9pm EST server time, please let me know! I will gladly make a character to join your ranks! :smiley: