Looking for a raid leader

We are looking for a raid leader. Responsible for organizing, recruitment, and running the raids. Fates Call is a long established Horde guild on US Borean Tundra, our server is also connected to Drak’thul, Mok’Nathal, Silvermoon, and Skywall, Hydraxis, Terenas, and Shadowsong. The focus will be soely on getting AoTC on heroic. We have never been a guild that focused on going into Mythic raiding, the guild has always consisted on adults with families and jobs. The guild has a long history of completing raids on Normal and Heroic.

We can offer a raid lead position with the same permissions as an officer. We will cover guild repairs, can offer assistance with feasts and flasks for raids. We do have a few people with current heroic raid experience, and a couple that have raided in the past that will be joining in.

We are looking for someone that will take the position seriously, but that also is willing to laugh when mistakes happen. We all play the game for fun, and to punch internet dragons in the face. We do have a guild Discord, and I will do all I can to help with recruiting people.