Looking for a new raiding guild

Guild & Server: Vengeful :Alliance: US-Stormrage
Raid Times/Days: Thursday - Saturday (7:00 PM - 10:00 PM EST)
Current Progression: 7/10 N Castle Nathria
Recruitment Contacts: BNet: NightKnight#1159389 // Discord: Night#5956
Application: Message me on discord or in-game
Requirements: Commitment to our raid times. Real life comes first but remember 20+ others want to kill bosses with you so when we move to Mythic please let us know ASAP if something comes up. Please know how to play your chosen spec and role, know what enchants you need and what your BIS pieces are and where to get them. Prior Normal or Heroic Raid experience.
Needs: Many openings available for DPS. 1 or 2 with Tank OS needed, 1-3 with a healing OS needed, Ranged and Melee pure dps needed as well.

Hi, if you’re still looking for a guild, hit me up on BNet Andele#1468 or discord Andjele#9171. Our raid times are Fri/Sat 8-11EST. We are a great bunch of adult guildies that like to raid, M+, and have fun in general sitting in discord. Reach out if you’d like to talk!

Good morning, I am fashionably late to this dance looking at all the replies, but let me introduce my guild just the same. (If you want to dust off that alliance toon) Allumination is a guild where busy adults can come to relive the time where lasting friendships were the greatest achievement. Young at heart, we are infected with sarcasm, adult humor and the need to have a good time we’ll all still be laughing about in another 15 years. :sunflower: Check out our recruitment , we might be a good fit for you Allumination ~ Stormrage

Hey Nikki, I think you should give us as peek and let me know what you think.


We might be a good fit for you


Questing and listening to tunes.

Hey Nykki,

Sent you a friends request on Discord. If you have time tonight let’s chat if you’re still looking for a guild.



My name is Rachel from the guild Odÿssey on Zul’jin [H]. Our raid team is 1/10H and 10/10N CN. We raid Friday/Sunday 7-11pm EST and we are looking for DPS to fill our ranks as we push to AOTC! Odÿssey as a whole is a friendly community offering M+ and PVP events as well.

I’m looking forward to hearing back from you! :slight_smile:

Discord: Rachel Shadow Priest#3625; BNET: Rachel#12349

Hi there! My guild is an AOTC focused guild with possible mythic if we find the right group of people. We’re currently 5-10H. We raid Fridays and Saturdays 8-11pm EST and are on H Mal’Ganis. We’re looking for range dps. We don’t mind if you stay on your server and just raids with us cross realm! My discord is arex#0920 if you’re interested. If not, I hope you find the right guild for you!

Are you open to coming Alliance side? I will save my ramblings if not :X

We are currently 10/10N 3/10H on Hyjal we are a very stable guild thats been together since BC we are looking for ppl for our Wednesday/Thursday Team. if you have any questions feel free to ask me.

Hi I think we’d be a great fit for you!

< Touchin Your Naaru > is a semi-hardcore guild on the Stormrage server. Currently 10/10N looking to fill out our raid roster as we push into heroic. We plan to achieve AOTC and do some minor mythic raiding should time permit.

We are currently accepting any applications for healers and DPS.
Raid days: Fri-Sat 7:00-9:00pmCST

We are a laid back and very social group that runs M+ constantly whenever we’re on and not raiding. We love kicking it in Discord and playing other games from time to time. If you want friends or a good group to run mid level M+ and raids we’re your guild!

If you are interested in joining comment below or message any of the following:
Slimjim2417 #1979 (recruitment officer)
Azunyan#1165 (GM)

Hey I sent you an add on discord. Let me know if you are still looking :slight_smile: