Looking for a new home!

made the same post in guild recruitment, re-posting to here my current server

Hey all! During MoP/Firelands/wrath i was in raiding guilds with various heroic modes achieved. i am returning back after a 5/6 year hiatus from not having a computer and recently just built a new pc after console gaming for a bit. I am looking for a good group of people, whether it be casual or hardcore is irrelevant as I play the game and get things done on my end.

things to note:

  • I play a death knight main.
  • I am currently located on the US-Cenarius server
  • I am still leveling up! ( just activated my account on sunday the 31st and currently level 44, should hit between 50-55 tonight)
  • currently 2h frost from when I last played and after some researching I will be switching to unholy once I am able to start getting decent gear.
  • motivated to do my own research on boss fights
  • I am 35 years old, warehouse/office manager, army veteran, and I curse like it’s my job.
  • I am in the state of Ohio, So EST times work for me, preferably raiding or doing stuff 2-4 nights a week so times that will work for me are between 5pm-12am EST (does not have to be that whole time but just raiding in between that time frame)

Im super chill, easy to get along with, direct, able to take criticism, and generally just want to enjoy end game content with a good group of people whether it be 10 or 25s.

Respond to this post or send me a message on bnet Zomfg#1827

Heya Sham!

So, Sigma on Cairne is looking for folks. We are looking to get some higher Myth+ keys and get in to raiding. No more than once or twice a week on the raiding.
We want folks that are open and accepting of others, that want to have fun and be involved in shenanigans. And who can laugh at mistakes when they are made.

We ain’t perfect, but we are fun!
Here’s our post on the Guild Recruitment page.

Send me a message on battle.net or Discord: Danuin#1350. Just… Please let me know who you are. :smiley: