Looking for a new home

I have 2 level 60s. (A dwarf priest (holy) and a gnome mage). In recent weeks both guilds that they belonged to have imploded. (I had nothing to do with it). We are now homeless. Lol. I need to find a place to hang my hat.

Both my toons are decked out in ZG gear. I would like to raid AQ 20 but have little interest raiding anything else. I have a only few hours in the evening to play during the week and Saturday (all day).

Any takers?

Hey! I was in a similar boat until I found Vicious Cycle. We’re a pretty fun crew who casually raids. We have ZG, MC, Onyxia, and AQ20 pretty much on farm, with eyes on BWL.

I went through 4 guilds on Windseeker before sticking with VC. The leaders are super cool and I’m having a blast. DM me if you want in!


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We are looking for a mage for our raid team msg twinktime in game if your still looking for a guild

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