Looking for a new home

Hello everyone,

I am looking to move servers after playing for many (Maybe too many…) years on Wyrmrest Accord. Over time I have found the general population of that server growing more and more distasteful, where OOC drama/conflicts,drive for ERP and overblown megalomania has become more frequent than actual and fun Roleplay. Basically, I’ve come to loath the place and it’s atmosphere.

I know Shadow Council is a much smaller server, but I think a smaller population, a quiet server (I’ve had to disable all general and trade channels on all my chars on WRA because of how horrible it’s become.), may be what I need. I enjoy roleplay servers, it’s where I have always played and what I enjoy doing most of all in the game is making alts, leveling them up, outfitting them with a very nice transmog and writing short stories about them.

I play for fun, to kill time, like most people I think. So my question is, would this realm be the right one for me to move to? I appreciate any input you can give me.

Thank you!

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Shadow Council, it’s a silly place. I’ve carved out a nice home here. Most folks seem to be pretty relaxed, but really I just stick with the folks in my guild and our alliance of guilds and friends. Because we are so small, though, we usually get worlded into with other servers in current content, and then see very few folks in old leveling content. (Curious to see how Shadowlands leveling changes work or don’t work with this.)

I dunno, I like it. It really isn’t action packed or anything. Which is really my speed.

Oh, you said you like to write stories. Have you seen this little story site?


It is a short story site for WoW characters.

Sorry for the lack of clickable link, I’m not allowed to include those.

Hey Baz,

Shadow Council has always been a little different. I’ve played on the server since launch. There is some RP, but it’s not in your face and everywhere…from my experience anyway. People are generally pretty good, there are always outliers. Some good guilds with good people. Hope you find what you’re looking for.


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