Looking for a new home in Shadowlands. Semi-Hardcore Raiding

I am looking for an active guild to raid with, I have experience with Mythic raiding but that was in WoD.

My guild died going into Legion and I took an extended break but I am back now wanthing to raid. I am available from 9 EST to 12 (or a little after) most weeknights. I currently have a decent array of classes on Kel’Thuzad Alliance side. I am most experienced with Ele Shaman but I am leaning Hunter (Ranged) for Shadowlands. I am willing to flex some if I find a good fit somewhere. Server/Faction Transfers are possible, again if I find a good fit somewhere, but I would prefer to stay put and keep my characters centralized.
I am a 32 year old married male with 2 kids so I am looking for a guild that respects that and wants to focus on raids during raid time. I will respect your time please do the same with mine, but I still want to have fun of course. I am more than open to ranged or melee DPS, but tanking is something I have wanted to try in raids for a while but would need time to learn and master my craft. Healing isn’t for me, just not something I enjoy.

Please feel free to message me if you think I might be a good fit in your raid team come Shadowlands.

Bnet is Jmarsh56#1703
Discord is Jmarsh56#1955

We are looking for a few more DPS, preferably ranged. Hit me up if you’re interested! We are a solid group of players coming back together for Shadowlands release!

Guild - Reunion or Whatever
Realm: Whisperwind (US)
Faction: Alliance
Raid Times - 2 Nights (Tues/Wed) 7 - 10pm cst

Formerly known as After Life (BC through Wrath) and Victory or Whatever (Cata through Mists)

With some original officers and raiders coming back to retail looking to enjoy shadowlands and raiding together again, we are reforming a raid team! 2 nights a week, 6 hours, but something we have been able to do in the past at a high level. We strive for a laid back atmosphere, but you’ll get roasted and people will laugh. We’ll make fun of you for wiping the raid for years after it happens, trust me, this happens to all of us. That’s what friends do! Light hearted fun, but take constructive criticism well. We are all adults and just want to enjoy the game again.

We are preparing for Shadowlands release. We will pick up raiding immediately when available and are still working on that roster. Right now we have people who can play multiple classes but, as always, are looking for a few more exceptional players to fill out the roster. Class/spec doesn’t matter right now with the current roster open to being flexible on what they play.

Of course, beyond the raiding aspect, we will be rolling mythic keys and some members enjoy the PVP aspect as well. Casual players are always welcome to come and we will bring you on our normal/heroic farms and work you into mythic clears as well when the content has been placed on farm.

Bnet - Peejay#1460
Discord - Peejay#8656


Crimson Brotherhood is looking for quality players to join our core raid team headed into shadowlands. Check us out.


Hey Dualfisting!
The Shanghai Zen Masters are a brand new guild full of tight-knit players who have been playing the game together since WotLK and Cata with plenty of Mythic+ and pvp experience. We are looking to do progression raiding mainly throughout the new Shadowlands expansion, but we constantly do Mythic+ dungeon runs, and casual pvp together.

We will be raiding monday and wednesday 8pm to 11pm EST

starting from Normal > Heroic > Mythic

if you’re interested go on this discord brother
discord.gg/ JTj5ZWc

Hello, I am Co-GM of the guild The Deviants on Zuljin server horde side and raid lead for both weekday and weekend team for our guild. We are currently on raid break until the new expansion drops. We are recruiting in regards to Shadowlands raid content for weekday as well as our weekend raid team.

8/8 EP Heroic
12/12 Nyalotha Heroic
4/12 Nyalotha Mythic

-Tuesday and Friday both 6-9 central pm
-Looking to recruit for Heals, DPS and possibly Off-tank/DPS
-Entry level for newer raiders with a more lenient enviroment
-Normal to Heroic each tier

-Saturday and Sunday both 6-9 central pm
-Looking to recruit for Ranged DPS -Warlock,Mage,Boomkins and Hunters
-Mythic raider Mentality with stricter enviroment
-Normal to Heroic to Mythic Progression

-Good Attendance barring Emergencies
-Fully enchanted , with personal food and proper pots for your class and spec
-A general understanding of raid bosses as we approach them
-Improving yourself thru world questing, reps, keys, etc…
-Good knowledge of your toon and spec, if need assistance this will be the player responsibility to seek this out.
-Cauldrons will be provided

The goal is to succeed as a team amd progress thru content via communication,structure and continued improvement in and out of raid enviroments without the elitist mentality or attitude. We want to supply opportunities for the entry level raider with our weekday team as well progression raiding with our weekend team.

Please contact me here, via Btag Magic#1799 or ingame Boogeymanx or Orrdaddy .

Hi Dualfisting (lol),

Below is our spam. We are a CE guild looking for an ele shaman (we would consider hunter but Esham is more of a need for us) for the SL raid team. If you are interested, the wowprogress link has our application and more information (loot, what’s provided by guild, etc).

Thank You and hope to hear from you,

P.S. - Will have our recruiter add you, we are a mature guild with most in their late 20s/30s and two of us either damn near 40 or over it.

Raid Times/Days: Tues&Wed 9-Midnight EST (8-11pm CST)

Current Progression: We are currently 12/12M Cutting Edge

Wowprogress (including rules and application): ttps://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/area-52/Vibe+Raider (add an H at the beginning - can’t post links here)

Requirements: Good logs, history of CE is a plus, knowing multiple specs of a class is a plus. Maintaining at least one geared alt is highly recommended but not required.

Needs: Dpriest/Rshaman, DPS

Recruiter Contact: Btag: Patticakes#1742 Discord: Patticakes#4610

Hey Dualfisting! Are you bored with not dying all the time? Then join Optimal Baddies and find yourself so engrossed in guild chat that you’ll be running off cliffs and pulling 20 mobs at once in no time! Recommended by 4 out of 5 Spirit Healers.

Jokes aside we are a semi hardcore raiding guild that is coming back from the ashes of taking a break and looking to clear heroic and mythic. We are currently looking for more members to fill out our roster (Tanks, Dps, and Healers)

OB are going ham come Shadowlands and will have groups for leveling, and mythics to gear out quick and get ahead fast and efficiently.
We plan to jump right into heroic come its release. If you are interested in a good group of players who have gotten CE in multiple expansions then this guild is for you!

we are located on Lightbringer, Alliance faction.

Raid times are as follows.

Monday - 8PM-10:00PM EST
Tuesday - 8PM-10:00PM EST

If interested please reach out to one of us! or leave a message on this post and we will contact you!

Bnet - Goldfish#1198
Discord - Goldfish#7851

Bnet - Ninjaspace#1577
Discord -ninjaXpope#0788